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SHS Heat Recovery

SHS HeatRecovery is a division of Sustainable Homes Scotland and specialises on Heat Recovery Ventilation systems for domestic and commercial applications. Such Mechanical Ventilation Systems with Heat Recovery (MVHR) are in use for many years now in other European countries with great benefits for the overall energy efficiency and for very good indoor air quality.

With increased levels of air tightness in buildings, ventilation becomes an increasing issue. Research shows that several well built homes have airtightness levels, which can cause insufficient levels of indoor air quality, excessive humidity and mold growth.

The Passive House approach has proven, that extremely airtight and well insulated buildings are not only CO2 champions and radical energy savers, but also create an excellent indoor climate by the means of highly efficient MVHR systems.

Although there are various systems on the market, the correct choice seems to be difficult, especially in a market which is fairly new in the UK. Often customers are left without necessary information or with too positive promises about the noise levels, energy consumption or efficiency of a system.

We would like to offer some guidance and background information to shed some light on this topic.

We also offer a full design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance service around HRV systems as well as pressure testing of residential properties.


SHS HeatRecovery has organised a seminar on the topic of MVHR systems in co-operation with the Scottish Passive House Centre:

Ventilation with Heat Recovery - Optimal Air Quality for Airtight Buildings

In the UK Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems are a highly controversial topic, partly due to some misconceptions and negative experiences with cheap or wrongly installed systems. However MVHR systems have proven to be very successful in a variety of applications and appear to be one of the integral parts of energy efficiency.

The seminar will not only show MVHR systems in practice within the show Passive House, but also show lots of case studies, interesting background and technical information, legislation, grants and points to be aware for installers and specifiers.

Please have a look at the following link: SPHC Seminar V1

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